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With the arrival of summer,
we offer a new collection of
garden furniture.

Made of high-grade steel,
galvanised and powder-
coated. Unique, modern
design and durable

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SANKOWSKI Ltd. - steel structures
"SANKOWSKI" Sp. z o.o. [Ltd.] is a family company that has been on the market since
1994. Originally it was a one-man business. In 2015, due to its dynamic development, a
decision was taken to transform the company into a limited liability company.

The company mainly produces light and medium metal structures. We offer constructing
services in the field of: production halls, warehouse shelter structures, bridges, platforms,
stairs, barriers and racks. We also specialize in garden architecture items such as fences,
railings, handrails, pergolas or outdoor (garden) furniture.

We are a leading manufacturer of high storage containers for gas industry - for the storage
of gas cylinders (including technical gases) as well as for food industry - for storing
agricultural products. An important area of our activity is the already mentioned
manufacturing of garden furniture sets of modern design and high durability. The company
also provides services for various local government units, producing e.g. bus shelters,
waste/litter bins, park benches etc.

Moreover, we offer a wide range of services: from renovation of metal products, cutting and
bending of steel parts to selling and packing steel products as well as sheet metal
machining (drilling, cutting, bending, etc.).

We highly value professionalism, so we work only with qualified construction engineers in
the field of structure design, and our products are incredibly durable.
garden furnitures, steel
constructions, gates, railings,
fances, sheds, trash buskets, bins,
benches, balustrades, handles,
railings, pergolas, bending and sheet
processing, welding any steel materiales