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We don’t hesitate to take up challenges and we are able to accomplish any project for you if it only fits in the profile of our business.

We provide services such as:
- sheet metal cutting with the use of a guillotine: cutting length up to 3000 mm, thickness up to 12 mm;
- cutting thick sheet metal using a plasma cutting machine: thickness up to 48 mm (accurate cutting), all kinds of shapes;
- sheet metal cutting with the use of a torch;
- cutting profiles and rods using a torch, tape and plasma cutters;
- bending of tubes and profiles;
- bending sheet metal using a press brake: 120 tons, length 3100 mm;
- welding;
- MIG/MAG, TIG- semiautomatic welding in protective gases: CO, CO/Ar, Ar;
- welding with a shielded electrode;
- grinding;
- other non-standard orders.
SANKOWSKI Ltd. - steel structures